Welcome to the Law Office of Theresa Bennett – The Boatlawyer!

Theresa is Florida Board-Certified in Admiralty/Maritime Law and,  as such, is an expert in this unique and specialized area of the law.                                              

Theresa is ready to assist you and/or your firm in any of the following matters:

  1. Bullet    Yacht Transactions 

  2. Bullet    Charter Parties (Agreements)    

  3. Bullet     Maritime Liens, Claims, Foreclosures and Ship Arrests

  4. Bullet    Crew Injuries, Jones Act and Wage Claims

  5. Bullet    Boating Accidents & Personal Injuries

  6. Bullet     Cargo Disputes, including theft and damage


Throughout this site you will find  pictures of lighthouses.  Theresa has often been described as having the qualities that lighthouses have: solid, dependable, and a beacon of light and focus during times of problems and opportunity.

By engaging Theresa, you will be assured that she will give you the best of her abilities which include incredible knowledge, dogged research, superior legal writing and presentation and top notch negotiating skills.

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